Insurance Broker

How to choose an insurance broker and why it’s important

Get it right and a good broker will make your life easier, save you money and ensure you get the best value for money. 

Get it wrong and you could end up spending more than necessary and possibly end up with the wrong plan and 12 months worth of pain. 

So it’s crucial that you select a broker who knows what they are doing.


Questions to consider

  1. Are they professionally qualified?
  2. Do they have experience and key relationships in the market you operate in?
  3. Will they have your back and be available when things go wrong?

 Any broker can choose to work on a lower commission and appear “cheaper” but a great broker will work with the clients and potential insurers to find the best solution for the best price.

  • Can your current premiums be enhanced at no additional cost?
  • Have they looked at ways to save money without impacting the employees?
  • What additional value added services do they offer?


How is Beneple different?

  1.  At Beneple we have our in-house team of qualified nurses who carefully design wellness programs for our corporate clients and what they need most. 
  2. We have our own HR platform designed especially for UAE clients which includes a fully fledged leave and document management system
  3. We will train and certify a certain number of employees in first aid through our sister company Safe Hands. 


In summary

The choices are many and a potential minefield fo inaccurate information and incorrect advice. So ensure that you choose the right broker. Choose Beneple. We speak your language. 

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