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Beneple is the Dubai’s leading cloud-based HR Software in Dubai offering an all in one service for SME’s based in UAE .

The HR System was built for HR managers with too many tasks and not enough time to achieve them!
(oh and the best part is… it’s totally free!)

Free Online HR Management Software

Beneple offers one of the best online HR Software in Dubai for companies to manage their daily HR related tasks with ease.


One centralised dashboard for all your HR needs

Whether you’re looking to manage your leave, track expiring documents, send out notifications, or centralise your employee database – there is something on Beneple HR System for you.

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Online HR Software
HR System

Leave, documents, expenses

Manage your employee requests digitally

With Beneple HR Software you can say goodbye to stacks of paperwork and lost request documents.

Employees can submit their leave requests, ask for documents such as salary certificates, and enter their expense reports from their own profiles online.

All of which appears on one centralised view for managers and HR to approve with the click of one button.

Cloud storage

Never lose an important document again

Beneple HR System has state of the art online cloud storage for all of your important company documents.

Save your trade licence, rental agreements, and insurance documents all in one place. So you’re never left scrambling at the last minute to find something.

Beneple HR Solutions
Beneple HR System

Document tracking

Keep track of expiring Visas, Emirates ID’s, Passports, and all your other documents

Forget the hassle of constantly checking documents and staying on top of expiry dates. Beneple HR System will keep track of your employee documents and let you know when they are close to expiry.

Company reporting

Understand your companies culture and demographic in real time

Monitor reports such as peak leave times, salary change, and demographics.

Beneple HR Software allows you to use data in order to better understand your employees and their work patterns, without the need to rely on qualitative ‘gut feelings’.

Beneple HR Software

More than just a platform

Market leading Insurance and Wellness packages – with the human touch

Here at Beneple we truly believe technology can improve people’s lives.

Although we also know that sometimes the human element can shape an experience. This is why we have tailored our HR platform to be more than just a tech solution. 

We offer market leading insurance and wellness packages for companies that truly care about employee well being. 

Beneple HR System

Haven't got the time to set it up?

Beneple at it’s core is a free platform but if you don’t have the time to do the set up we’d be happy to help you out and get the whole platform set up for you! From as little as a one off 1500 aed fee you can be setup within days of signing up

Contact us below and ask about our set up package.

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