Once a company has processed their group medical insurance, it is the HR Manager’s responsibility to distribute the Table of Benefits (TOB) and Network List to their staff.

The vast majority of HR Managers will send a mass email to their employees with the relevant network list and TOB attached, in hope that their employees will save the documents and refer to them when they need to visit a hospital or clinic.

In fact, employees tend to miss these emails and deem them as unimportant at the time. However, when the occasion arises that they need to use the medical insurance and go to a visit a hospital or clinic, the HR Manager will receive a phone call, email or knock at their office door with the age-old question: ‘Do you know what hospitals are in my network list?’ or ‘Can you send me the list of clinics that I’m allowed to go to again?

Why is it important to know which hospitals and clinics are in your network?

It is vital that employees know which clinics/hospitals are in their network list. If an employee visits a clinic/hospital outside of their network, they will have to pay for their consultation or treatment in full and then reimbursed at a later date if their policy allows for this.

Beneple is an innovative HR software solution that has been designed to help HR Managers save as much time as possible and to make their work more efficient. HR Managers work best with reduced interruptions that can be avoided.

Beneple is a cloud-based system available as a mobile app on IOS and android which permits employees to login and download their TOB and network list at any time.

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