We make our money through benefit providers such as health insurance carriers. As a business or individual, should you need to renew your personal or company insurance we can provide you quotes on your insurance needs at the best possible price utilising our relationships with a network of over 25 of the industry’s leading insurers.

This includes quotes on:

  • Medical insurance
  • Business and office insurance
  • Gratuity management
  • Home and personal insurance
  • Workmen’s compensation
  • Group life and critical illness cover

Our revenue is paid by the insurance providers allowing us to manage your insurance requirements at no additional cost. You just pay the insurance providers for your underlying benefits as you normally would. Better still, we do all the leg work for you: sourcing quotes, analysing your existing premiums, advising on policies and providers, arranging insurance certificates and cards and better still we even deliver medical insurance cards to your door!

By choosing to use Beneple’s HR software, you are under no obligation to complete your company’s insurance through us. All we ask is that if you have enjoyed using the software, when it’s time to renew your insurance needs, think of Beneple and consider giving us the opportunity to provide you with a no obligation quote. No fees, no obligations, just one business owner trying to help another!