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Cyber Security insurance mitigates losses from cyber incidents including data breaches, business interruption and network damage

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With businesses becoming more and more reliant on technology and IT, cyber security insurance is becoming an extremely important part of a company's risk protection, as data breaches and attacks can have a huge financial impact on businesses. 

Cyber Insurance can help you and your company stay protected by covering cyber liability as well as business interruption and material damage that can arise from cyber crimes.  Many of the insurers we work with have round the clock assistance from cyber experts in the case of cyber attacks and can provide cover for damages to hardware and financial loss, along with risk assessment and eligibility checks to inform you about the security level of your cyber set up. 

The threat represented by cyber risks is now as tangible as physical threats to a company's assets and has serious knock on effects. 

Insurance can help counteract the following which may be caused:

  • Data leaks - where digital data is lost or stolen from the company system
  • IT crisis - when an attack occurs, do you have the technology & resources to contain and deal with it?
  • PR crisis - news of data breaches can spread quickly and lead to permanent damage to the brand.  Swift action & a strategic PR response is required.
  • Financial crisis - the financial ramifications can build quickly including regulatory fines, compensation  & operational costs. 
  • Boardroom crisis - A cyber crisis can significantly affect the company share price and this needs to be considered.

Cyber Insurance can help you and your company stay protected by covering: 

  • Your cyber liability
  • Business interruption caused by cyber attacks
  • Material damage as a result of cyber attacks.

Our team of licensed brokers are experts in their field and will conduct a full assessment to assist you in finding the best cover for your needs. 

In a digital world, where we rely so heavily on cyber systems, networks and processes, is your business protected?

Cyber insurance can mitigate losses from cyber incidents such as data breach, network damage, business interruption & more.

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