Beneple’s free HR software solution has been specifically designed for the UAE and GCC markets, catering to the region’s specific HRMS needs. We offer small and medium business enterprises in Dubai and across the UAE the best HR software solutions under one platform, free of cost.

With Beneple, you have access to an intuitive free HRMS software that performs tasks unique to the UAE, including tracking of Emirates IDs, visas, passports, and more. By streamlining these processes, small to medium businesses like yours can save time, boost productivity, back up data, and make life easier for all.

Spend your time and energy growing your company and leave all the mundane tasks to Beneple – the ideal HRMS software for all your needs.

Free platform. Forever.


So what’s the catch? Simple, there is none. 

 We are business owners just like you, looking to make your life simpler and automate mundane administration and HR processes.

 We make our money through our sister insurance company, which helps us to keep the lights on and our staff happy on pay day! 

 Our sister company can analyse the insurance needs of your medium or small business against existing premiums and provide you with a quote from a network of over 25 of the region’s top insurers. It’s totally free and would cost you the same amount of money as if you went directly to the insurers, we just do all the leg work for you!