Streamlining’s HR Processes


Taking the hassle out of routine is a financial comparison website, that had over time outgrown its HR system. As part of a growing startup, the company didn’t have a system in place to help streamline all the employees HR issues. “A lot of manual work was involved, specifically the production of employee split reports. Apart from that, most problems related to tracking who's on leave and the number of days available to each employee – especially when the information was required urgently so employees could effectively manage their own personal leave plans.”, explains Lucy Bagatsing, the Office and HR Manager at Three chief requirements were identified as vital in order to help in setting the right foundations for the company

1.Precise employee data tracking – required a suitable leave management system capable of tracking annual and sick leave; whereby the potential for human error would be reduced. 2.Smarter, automated management – time wastage and inefficiency was a significant concern due to manual data input. 3.Secure, paperless filing and storage of employee files – the collection of employee documents and completion of routine HR tasks was proving to be a time-consuming hassle.

Since centralizing their HR processes through Beneple’s integrated HR platform in January 2016, has consolidated all employees’data into one comprehensive system; allowing for greater openness and convenience by giving both management and employees easy access to key information crucial to planning their calendars. The user-friendliness enables employees to input their own data - documents and requests for annual leave; freeing up HR managers to prioritize more pressing issues. Ms. Bagatsing estimates that both management and employees interact with the platform at least 3 times per week and due to the way the system is set up employees can view all the information that pertains to them; whilst giving a complete overview to the’s appointed administrator.

The calendar’s “important dates tracker” on Beneple’s dashboard is the most popular feature. Overviews of weekly/monthly/annual personal and team schedules can be seen at a glance enabling smoother coordination. The dashboard’s intuitive design and ability to generate graphical data representations with stored data- such as sick leave, holidays, expiring documents and much more - allows management crucial insight into daily administrative workings.

Beneple has provided a straightforward, user-friendly HR platform and it has massively improved our paperwork processing time. [It has had] a huge positive impact in terms of greater information transparency with employees…and [the platform] is efficient enough for employees to input their own personal details.”