5 proven methods to create a happier employee and more efficient work place


Everyone knows that a content employee equals a productive employee; in fact, research quantifies this at a substantial 12%[i]. But the question remains, how does one actually achieve this? Here are our five top tips that you can implement overnight, which will help create a lasting impact on your office culture. 1. Socialising

On average we spend 2,000 hours a year in the office. This is a major chunk of your life spent in the same place with the same people. So why not allocate time at work to encourage your employees to let their hair down? Celebrate birthdays or have a party for no reason at all. Just because. According to research an employee with close friends in the same company is 7 times more engaged with their work.[ii] This socialization does not even have to be limited to the office place. A concert or picnic after hours will allow people the chance to interact away from their cubicles. Letting their colleagues see a different side to them.

2. Health

77%[iii] of employees state that health and wellness directly affect their working culture. It leads to increased confidence and a sense of security. This is a simple step employers can take, by providing a comprehensive health insurance package, ensuring that employees are taken care of. Why not go above and beyond to make your employees truly happy, by offering a wellness program or gym membership? Get those endorphins racing or find your Zen and soon you will see productivity grow. 3. Mentoring and coaching

A conversation takes place between a CEO and the CFO:

“CFO: what happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?

CEO: What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Contrary to popular belief employees tend to have more interest in their job than just taking home a pay cheque. Providing opportunities for professional development are vital and help people to grow and develop their skillset. Not only are you investing in your people, the chances are they will be more loyal as they can see the future with you.

4. Avoid micromanagement

Do you long for the days when you were a child and your parents constantly told you to do your homework, tidy your room and eat your vegetables? Remember how much fun that was? Well it is the same with your employees; they hate a hovering boss. Giving your workers autonomy will make them feel trusted and appreciated. Empowering your employees by creating a clear and efficient management culture will give them the space they need to carry out tasks and complete work on time.

5. Respect your staff

The respectful treatment of employees ranks first in order of importance in the workplace.[iv] Respect is a broad term, but put simply it means treating someone how you would expect to be treated. Have a degree of patience; don’t create an environment of fear where people are concerned about losing their jobs and listen to people when they have ideas or suggestions. Adding a few simple adjustments and everyone will benefit which means it’s a win-win.

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