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Beneple is a dynamic, young company, conceived in 2015 in Dubai by a group of busy entrepreneurs who were tired of wasting time and money on laborious and mundane HR tasks. Dealing with real life challenges experienced while setting up our own companies, we realised there was a gap in the market for something life changing in the SME world: a simplified, secure cloud based automated system that handles all the routine HR administration tasks we hate.

Developed in Dubai by an SME, specifically for UAE SME’s, the system caters directly to the GCC market, taking into account the unique HR challenges such as tracking of Emirates ID’s visas, passports and much more. Beneple helps entrepreneurs, office administrators and HR managers save time by helping to automate everyday tasks. We even have a client services team who will come to your office and assist you in setting the system up, and a live chat support team to help with any queries you may have. Who wants to deal with things like managing leave and visa applications when there is so much work to be done to develop and expand your business?!

Don’t waste your capital on large elaborate systems designed for big corporations. Our integrated HR online software platform is tailored for the UAE market and is guaranteed to simplify your life as much as it has ours.





Danielle Suchley,
Managing Director

Danielle Suchley is the Managing Director of Beneple and a member of its Board of Directors. Danielle leads a team of over 100 employees and has more than ten year’s leadership experience across the financial service and insurance industry. Danielle’s main goal with Beneple was to bring “real time” access to employment information.



Harry Hassan,Head of Beneple

Harry is one of Beneple’s original employees and has been with the company since inception. He manages a team of sales and customer service staff looking after Beneple’s HR software and insurance needs. Harry has a background in healthcare and client servicing, and previously worked at Barclays Bank in the UK looking after both business to business and business to consumer clients.



David Mcguane,
Head of Finance

David has been with the holding company of Beneple for two years and runs the operations department. In this role David looks after all aspects of financing, legal, compliance and human resources, reporting directly to the Managing Director. He also serves as a member of Beneple’s Board of Directors.

Prior to Beneple, David worked at Merrill Lynch and holds a Masters in International Business from DIT in Ireland.



Sarah Laventure,
Head of Marketing

Sarah is the Head of Marketing for Beneple, and manages the company’s overall marketing strategy, both offline and online. She has over 12 years of international marketing experience across business to business and business to consumer marketing, working on both the agency and client side in roles across Australia, London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.



Dan Grim,
Head of Human Resources& Recruitment

Dan has over twenty years of international experience building businesses across Australia and Singapore. In his role as Head of Strategy, Dan is responsible for maximising company performance, employee retention and performance management, training and overall business development.




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